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Staking platform preview

A space to earn

OptimuSwap will be released as soon as the token launch, with our Farms & Pools, users can stake tokens like OPT, WBNB, BTCB and ETH, or stake OPT-BNB LP tokens to earn $OPT, with high APR & low risk. We will aslo open the pools for NFT staking.
Stake your tokens or LP to earn $OPT, with high APR and low risk.

NFT Staking

Stake your NFT to earn $OPT, Shards and Model 3 Club Pass.
What you can earn from NFT Staking:
  • Tesla Engine
  • Advanced Tesla Shards
  • Premium Tesla Shards
  • Normal Tesla Shards
  • Standard Tesla Shards
  • Optimus Shards
  • Tesla Model 3 Club Pass